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Hideo Hirosawa Sensei

7th Dan, Shihan About


This website is devoted to Hideo Hirosawa Sensei 7th Dan, the last uchideshi of Morihei Ueshiba (O’Sensei), the Founder of the martial art of Aikido.

These days it is fashionable to claim some association with O’Sensei. There are many people who met O’Sensei, others who were students at dojos where he came to “visit”, others who were uchideshi in the Hombu dojo and were taught by O’Sensei.

But there are very few people who actually trained with O’Sensei over an extended period and even fewer who served him as uchideshi (technically an”inside” student) in the place where O’Sensei lived, prayed and trained regularly, the Iwama Dojo.

Hirosawa Sensei was born in Iwama in 1937. He trained Aikido under the guidance of O-Sensei for twelve years until the Founder’s death in 1969. Hirosawa Sensei is the second person (after Saito Sensei to whom he was related as his brother-in-law) who committed their life to O-Sensei to learn Aikido. Hirosawa Sensei was one of the only two genuine uchideshi of O-Sensei in Iwama history who served O-Sensei for long time.

Hirosawa Sensei became a Shihan-Dai (second person in charge of the Dojo) after O-Sensei passed away and was Shihan-Dai for almost 21 years at the Iwama Dojo.

Hirosawa Sensei is one of the most experienced living instructors of aikido.

Today, Sensei is devoting his energy to demonstrate and teach O’Sensei’s final Aikido form.

Takemusu Aiki 2012 Japan Trip

In the Spring of 2012, members of the Takemusu Aiki Association visited Japan.  As part of our trip, we visited Iwama. Hirosawa Sensei graciously hosted us for the day as a guide and also gave trip participants informal demonstrations on the backdrop of Mount Atago.

Hirosawa Sensei Private Seminar, Tokyo 2012

Hirosawa Sensei held a private seminar among senior Aikido practitioners in Tokyo. Takayasu Sensei and senior members of the association were personally invited by Hirosawa Sensei to attend the seminar as guest of  Hirosawa Sensei.